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A Picture is Worth a Thousand Propaganda Words
Last uploaded : Sunday 6th Jan 2002 at 13:05
Contributed by : Honest Reporting


News HonestReporting Communique
04 January 2002


* * *

This is the traditional week for the "best" and "worst" awards.

HonestReporting.Com has been deluged with members' recommendations for its first annual
"Dishonest Reporting" Award, and we will publish the "winner" within days.

MSNBC.com claimed to have reviewed "more than a million pictures" before its editors chose
the "best images of 2001." In addition to the 9/11 images of the World Trade Center and the
Pentagon, MSNBC editors chose 20 "poignant images at other events -- including photos of
natural disasters, cute ducklings, New York firemen -- and two Jewish kids in Hebron
harassing a Palestinian woman after hearing of the Sbarro Pizzeria bombing earlier in the

The photo was accompanied by this MSNBC caption: "Ancient Hatreds: Two Israeli children
attack a Palestinian woman in the West Bank town of Hebron on Aug. 9 in the wake of a
Palestinian suicide bombing in Jerusalem that killed 16 people. Mideast violence escalated
sharply in 2001, with suicide bombings, assassinations and several failed tries at a cease-

The Jewish kids were brats. And for MSNBC editors, that made the picture the best image of
the Middle East for 2001. Incredible. After reviewing a million photos, MSNBC's editors
relegated as secondary the scores of pictures of the bombed-out Israeli restaurants (pictured above, two Israeli girls mourning those killed in the Sbarro pizzeria bombing ),buses,
train stations, shopping malls and markets. MSNBC passed over pictures of Palestinian gunmen
swearing vengeance against Israel, of toddlers dressed as suicide bombers, and of
Palestinians rejoicing over the WTC bombing.

(Only when clicking on the audio link, do some other Mideast images appear.)

Let us not forget that it was MSNBC who drew protest last year for featuring 12-year-old
Muhammad al-Dura among its "top images of the year 2000."

View MSNBC's "best pictures of 2001":
Then click on "View: Editors' Choice," and then go to photo number 12.


If MSNBC's choice shows poor judgment, let's see who is the photograph behind this Hebron
photo. It is the Associated Press reporter and writer, Nasser Shiyoukhi. Shiyoukhi, his
cousin Nael, and Reuters' Mazen Dana, are local Palestinian photographers who have all
conducted a lengthy journalistic campaign against Israeli soldiers and the Jews of Hebron.
Their account can be read on the website of the "Committee to Protect Journalists."

AP's Nasser Shiyoukhi's bias shows on his Internet photo gallery from an Australian exhibit
that "depicts the reality of life in Alkhalil (Hebron) and Gaza and the difficulties the
Palestinian residents encounter under the present situation in that region." The photos taken
by Shiyoukhi and an Australian photographer show scenes of Palestinian heroics, and tragedy
and images of Israeli occupation as seen through their lenses.

Is Shiyoukhi an AP journalist or a Palestinian advocate? The answer can be viewed in black
and white and in living color at:

Compare his gallery to the gallery of photographs by Stefan Zaklin on the Washington Post's
Camera-Works site. His 14 photographs portray the dangers facing Hebron's Jews from
Palestinian snipers. View the Zaklin site at: http://honestreporting.com/a/r/120.asp


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