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The Channel Four 'Doomsday Code' Special
Last uploaded : Saturday 23rd Sep 2006 at 18:03
Contributed by : Dwayne Willis


Excellent riposte...BTW, wonder why no one has noticed that in the recent
Lebanon conflict, there was no worry about scuds from Saddam, a demagogue
never to be outdone. Also notice how long it's been since we've seen one of
those familiar Islamic peace marches! Perhaps even the Pope now realizes
we're living in a Through the Looking Glass world.

You mention collecting Da Vinci Code theories. Wonder if you have seen the only one
that makes real sense to me, the intellectual explosion of Hermeticism
during the Italian Renaissance with its androgyne symbolism and up-raised
finger of Mercury/Hermes. It's at the alternative religion site of the NY
Times, plus some lively Forum comments (7):


Dwayne Willis


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