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The Crisis in Britain
Last uploaded : Tuesday 30th May 2006 at 22:12
Contributed by : Michael Goldstone


How refreshing it was to read someone who has put on paper what so many think. I also wonder what happened to old fashioned manners, where a man stood up for a lady, not just on a bus but when she entered a room. That a lady was a beautiful piece of femininity that we were men were blessed with. Are there any ladies left? They fought for equality and got it. Now they want to be treated like equals Ė like men! Ridiculous Ė Not how can women be equal to men? BUT how can men and women be equal?

Physiologically, mentally and in every other way we are unequal, we are meant to be unequal yet still have equalities in so many ways and quite right but if you want the good, as always, you have to accept the bad! And there will always be a negative side.

Margaret Thatcher, in my opinion, was the greatest peace time Prime Minister we have ever had. She was tough, strong, took very few prisoners, was bright and changed this country, I hope, irreversibly from a namby-pamby, state run, inefficient socialist bureaucracy where the real power was wielded by the big unions, to a free-wheeling, minimal state interventionist (there has to be some) capitalist society where the individual counted and had to look after himself. Wealth was created, individualism was encouraged, a man or woman from nowhere could make it (although they could also under socialism) but at the same time something else was created. Inefficient rules were destroyed and others came in. Past hypocrisies were dropped Ė dead. Manners meant that respect for the elders had to be matched with respect for the youngers. As a Father I learned that sometimes you could get more sense from a 5 year old than a 50 year old. That they were small adults and that adults were big kids! They (children) cut through the nonsense and hypocrisy. Evolution!

Religion has gone to a large extent by the board. Shame! To a degree it kept the populace in check and Christmas has become a commercialised money spending holiday. How many go to Church? Good question. How many consider it hypocrisy? How many just donít believe in an almighty power? Beats me! How long can a government reign when it has NO idea of the immigrants pouring into the country, uncontrolled? I sometimes wonder whether or not a board of directors, elected by the populace would be a better idea than the current system but I have to say the system we have is probably the best system there is. Free democratic elections or as FREE as weíll ever find it where we are represented each and every one of us.

My opinion? The law has to do itís job. Iím sick of the crimes and violence. Knife stabbings for no reason. Iím sick to read of lovely young boys taken away from their families having been murdered by brain dead youths for no reason at all except maybe the colour of their skin. Of women raped, tortured, brutalised and murdered. Itís time the law stood up for the vast majority of the silent majority who are equally fed up. Where schools are not allowed to discipline the pupils. I dared not be rude to my teachers, not even answer back but I also saw the negative side to that also. We had little Hitlerís in schools, using their power and then wielding the cane. Maybe even getting a kick out of it. And the worst teachers spoiled it for the rest and for the future.

Evolution, we canít stop it but maybe and probably there needs to be a little more control and thought given to the laws we are being handed. And freedom, with guidelines, for teachers to be able to teach and discipline knowing that if they go outside acceptable levels of their own behaviour they would be accountable.

As I said, Iím sick of it. I only pray that a government, NOT of our liking never gets into power and that a little of the old ways are re-introduced. But notwithstanding the above, I really hope that some common sense will prevail. We know that so many hooligans are the sons and daughters of hooligans and since the apple doesnít fall far from the tree, this is what we get. Schools were the disciplinary force that helped shape our characters. And for the roughnecks, no hopers, just maybe a spot of education in a Ďboot campí might be the answer to put them on the straight and narrow before they fall off the cliff. One year of military type discipline could save years of imprisonment and billions of taxpayerís money. It doesnít seem a bad idea at all. A tough, boarding school type of regime for a period of 1 Ė 12 months could straighten out a good many of potential future criminals.

Iíve condensed my thoughts and congratulate you on yours. Since Iím racing (as always) please forgive spelling errors and incorrect use of English. I think youíll get the gist.

Kind regards,

Michael Goldstone


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