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An End of Year Reflection
Last uploaded : Saturday 31st Dec 2005 at 00:43
Contributed by : David Barth


Dear Editor,

As I sit at my computer while completing my seventy-third Christmas I am concerned with the sadness I have over the amount a destructive hate some people have in this country. Differences are one thing, hate, as I hear it from some of my neighbors, is deplorable. The frightening thing about this hate is that it comes from many that are completely disconnected from facts and refuse to hear them. It is their way or the highway. These same people are probably going to temple, church, or their mosque soon in a show of their hypocritical spirituality.

Everyone interested in the subject knows that Saddam Hussein developed, had and used Weapons of Mass Destruction. The indisputable evidence is there and has been manifested in his gassing his own Kurdish citizens as well as Iranians. Politicians, diplomats, clergy, and media regardless of their political philosophy agree with these facts. The problem is they occasionally have to be reminded of them.

Some ask if Hussein and Iraq had Weapons of Mass Destruction when our politicians authorized the invasion of that country. He refused to allow United Nations' inspectors into his country so to most people that would be prima facia that he had something to hide from the world and, because of his history, that something is frightening. Of course the mass graves of the citizens of Iraq he has slaughtered could be a reason for not letting the free world in the country. But, would he give up his country for that? I doubt it as I don't think he believed the Coalition would ever invade Iraq without the UN's blessing of which they would have never gotten. But again, like O.J. he could be innocent.

Another question though only tangential is was he planning to acquire and/or develop more WMD? Regardless of the Joe Wilson/Valerie Plame sideshow, the preponderance of evidence is he was. I wouldn't doubt for a minute that he still is planning to do so while incarcerated. He does have Ramsey Clark, the ex-Attorney General under LBJ whose father was a bought-off Supreme Court Justice, trying to put Saddam Hussein back on the street. You have to hand it to Hussein; he certainly has testicular fortitude.

The foregoing briefly covers the past. Most of us and especially the media love to dwell on the past. Why? We can point fingers and second guess without examining the facts and knowledge at the time and have absolutely no responsibility for any decisions made. The political news is like the sports page. Written by people incapable of playing the game and relying of second hand information. A typical coward's way of attempting to solve serious problems.

Today we are in Iraq. Our politicians from both major parties authorized this invasion as they as well the world's politicians and diplomats, including the United Nations, believed Saddam Hussein still had and was producing more Weapons of Mass Destruction. Many question whether he had WMD when the Coalition invaded? I personally believe he probably shipped them to his friends in Syria, as he never believed the Coalition would depose and incarcerate him. His ego is much too big for that as witnessed by his actions during his trial.

I don't have any direct evidence of the Syrian connection but there is plenty of anecdotal evidence pointing that way? It would be nice if the UN would check but that be asking them to do something besides skimming money from their contributors, especially the United States, for their personal use.

Did our leaders know Hussein did not have WMD in Iraq before the Coalition invaded? If they did, they have a price to pay. Of course, you could ask which one of our leaders knew as several of them, their Administrations as well as current and previous candidates for the job, made that claim knowing for certain that at one time he did. But, I don't see why. There certainly wasn't anything politically to gain by invading Iraq especially after the large poll numbers following 9/11. Being inarticulate is not being stupid.

How would people feel if we found WMD in Iraq? Would the media, as they are wont to do, create some other controversy for them to be testy at press conferences and making fools of themselves? The point is: We have troops in Iraq now regardless of what anyone thinks, wants or believes and we must win. If we don't the freer countries of the Middle East, including Israel, will be toast like the slaughter in Southeast Asia after well pulled out of Vietnam - another war won on the battlefield but lost in the shameful media and political arena. I would hope nobody wants to see Holocaust circa 2006!

I want to address the haters, not constructive critics out there. Always, but especially at this time of the year, I decry the hate I see from my neighbors. Hate for politicians of all philosophies usually coming from people who are the least knowledgeable. People who decry the hate of Hitler and Stalin seem to believe that they are excused from such abhorrent behavior. I read the hate in the editorial pages of our newspapers and letters to the editor. It is sick! It is a horrible emotion that is being expressed by some of our most notable politicians, journalists and authors. And, as usual, it destroys reasoned thought as it is used to discourage meaningful, rational discussion. We all heard of killing the messenger because we don't like the message. Today it is kill the messenger and don't read the message. Let us all rebel against the haters as they hurt us all and destroy the moral fabric of this wonderful country. They are free to hate but we are free to respond and to hold them accountable.

We are now entering a New Year, 2006. It is some time since 9/11 but we better not forget the results of that fateful day. It is about time that everyone gets on the same page to fight international terrorism, corruption, drugs and crime as they are all connected. The most important thing that a government can do is it provides security for its citizens. The small, infinistimal trade-off in civil liberties vs. security are hardly enough for concern. I don't see anything that would or should bother any honest, law-abiding citizen. Don't do the crime if you can't do the time.

The haters should use their energy to fight the terrorism. Ironically, it is my experience that very few haters have ever served their country in the military and have a shortsighted political agenda they put above their country's security. An insecure country doesn't have any civil rights and those who weaken our security must be challenged and defeated. Losing is not an option and shame to those who want to surrender.

As I write this on Christmas Day, a day to enjoy ones family and friends regardless of religion affiliation or lack thereof, I would like to see all of us rolling up our sleeves and getting on the same page to beat terrorism and win the war in Iraq. Let us send a message to the terrorists telling them we are a country that will not back down to their murderous attacks and not just a bunch of finger-pointing cowards. Why have we seemed to have lost the will to fight we had at Christmas 2001 and now acting like a bunch of losers? We forget at our own peril.

Sincerely & Happy New Year!

David Barth
Jupiter, Florida

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