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Malcolm Glazer
Last uploaded : Wednesday 17th Aug 2005 at 21:55
Contributed by : Nick Thorp


Dear Sir/Madam,
>Reference your article about Malcolm Glazer - I don't think I've ever read
>such a badly researched, factually incorrect, scaremongering article.
>If you had bothered to investigate why United fans are against Mr Glazer
>taking over Manchester United, you would find that the fact he is American
>is of no importance - and the fact he is jewish has not even been widely
>reported, let alone of any interest! The reason they object is because Mr
>Glazer has saddled a previously debt-free club with over ?600 million of
>debt, and because of his record in business dealings both as owner of the
>Tampa Bay Bucaneers and of other businesses. A man who promised a new
>ground for the club and then threatened to move the club to another city
>if the city did not pay for it. A man who sued his own family for his
>mother's inheritance when he was already rich enough.
>You mention "Chelski" (which is actually a tabloid nickname for Chelsea
>FC, not its new owner) but the crucial difference there is that Roman
>Abramovich has pumped large amounts of money INTO the club. Mr Glazer has
>created debt where there was none. If this debt is not paid, the club is
>in danger. He can not promise that ticket prices will not eventually pay
>for this. How are we to believe he won't sell the ground?
>The "bringing of American ways" to England is another issue that doesn't
>even exist! I've not heard a single person mention this. Although, as it
>happens, yes, I would rather we had our intense atmosphere at matches,
>rather than the jingle dominated pap many american sports events seem to
>suffer from.
>So Tampa Bay won a Superbowl? Big deal, Wimbledon FC won the FA Cup 17
>years ago. They no longer exist. Coventry City did the same, and now
>languish in the lower divisions. Are we to expect United to win the
>European Cup and then go bankrupt and disappear?
>As for your hopeless attempt to raise sympathy by mentioning the war, just
>what exactly has that got to do with anything?! Did no brave British
>soldiers die in the war? Your comments are an insult to all involved in
>that era.
>Kindly restrict yourself in future to writing editorials on subjects about
>which you have at least a minimal understanding.
>Nick Thorp


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