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Malcolm Glazer and George Galloway
Last uploaded : Wednesday 8th Jun 2005 at 15:02
Contributed by : G. Ian Goodson


Re: Malcolm Glazer. I am not a football fan and despise their tribalism
>> as
> much as any reasonable person, but I feel I must correct some
> misapprehensions that were expressed in your article.
>> As far as I can tell, it is the Americanism of and lack of any interest
>> in
> the sport by Malcolm Glazer that is the cause of hostility. Indeed, until
> I
> read your article I didn't know he was Jewish. Neither, I suspect do many
> other people. It has not been the issue. The American ways that are
> distrusted are those of rank commercialism rather than the family friendly
> stadia of US sports. It is his clear lack of interest in soccer that has
> caused the offence, all else follows.
>> As for George Galloway, he is a figure of fun and not a deeply popular
> demagogue. A great many of us dislike the kow-towing to Islam that is
> endemic amongst the liberal elite. Galloway's Socialist/Islamo-fascist
> Respect party has gained only one seat amd that in the only place where
> there were sufficient Muslims to vote him in.
>> There is a rise in Anti-Semitism and in Anti-Christian sentiment but
> football and Galloway are not the indicators.

G. Ian Goodson
England, UK


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