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Correction to an article
Last uploaded : Tuesday 13th Jul 2004 at 15:00
Contributed by : Louis Seeco


This letter refers to an article that appeared in 'Jewish Comment' in February 2002. The link appears at the end of Mr Seeco's letter.

From: Louis Seeco
Johannesburg, South Africa
1 July 2004

I was astounded when I came across an article written by a Carol Gould about an interview that I had with John Simpson from BBC Television and the fact that I made no mention of the contribution the Jewish Community has made in opposing Apartheid.

If I had two hours to chat to John, I probably would have mentioned something that could have made Ms. Gould happy. She mentions with great admiration a school called MC Weiler, which was founded by the late Rabbi Moses Weiler and funded by the United Sisterhoods.

Ms. Carol would be pleased to know that I also attended my early schooling years at MC Weiler School under the leadership of the late Ms. Hilda Phahle. It might also help to mention that I attended extra Maths and Science lessons at King David High School (A Jewish School) and made friends that I still hold dear to my heart to this day.

The views espoused and the approach taken by Ms. Gould do not add to the tapestry of issues that need to tackled to ensure that!

No-one in any part of the world should be subject to subjugation and oppression. Let us deal with the issues. I would be keen to engage with fellow Souith frican Jews and try and find a way that helps bridge the gaps. I am constantly in discussions with black South Africans that express concerns regarding Israel and Palestine. It will benefit all to seat around a meal and find a common understanding.
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