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Robert Fisk and the Outing of the Iraqi Judge
Last uploaded : Wednesday 7th Jul 2004 at 00:03
Contributed by : Susan Gould


Robert Fisk should be publicly reprimanded, given a reduction in salary and then suspended for a month without pay -- and maybe ultimately fired -- for publishing the name of the Iraqi judge. He's been around long enough to know what he was doing: putting an innocent human being in extreme danger of losing his life. Fisk is right up there with the Cheney-lackey (or was it actually Cheney?) who "outed" Ambassador Wilson's CIA-agent wife. Was this such a personal journalistic "coup" or such a boost to Fisk's already exaggerated ego that he simply could not resist, no matter the consequences to someone else? Or was it sheer maliciousness (against whom? the poor young judge? why? the Coalition?) -- or was it all of the above? Again: why?

I guess the tone of parts of his article, apparently oozing pity for Saddam, and Fisk's stated desire to see the "Americans finished", give a hint. Personally, I am and always have been 100% against the Iraq "liberation", a ghastly, evil manipulation of facts and humanity and doomed to disaster since 2000 or whenever it was that the band of "neocons" (not wanting to call them neo-Nazis) in blue neckties first began planning it. But I feel extreme revulsion toward Saddam and Co. and nothing but admiration and empathy for the young judge. May he be very efficiently protected!

Mr. Fisk, take some advice and, as we say here in America, where (contrary to your and others' skewed reports from the UK) millions have protested the Iraq debacle: get a life.

Feel free to publish this.

Susan Gould
Philadelphia, PA


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