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Letters about Kilroy Silk
Last uploaded : Wednesday 14th Jan 2004 at 23:32
Contributed by : Sheila Raviv, Joseph Khan


To: The Sunday Express
Dear Sir,

It takes a brave newspaper to go against the tide. It takes a brave editor to withstand the stones and arrows of an angry public, but please do not back down. Had Mr Kilroy-Silk berated the religious principles of Islam, then he would have been wrong, but he did not. What Mr Kilroy-Silk said is that the Arab states demand respect and rights which they are not willing to give to others. If this were not true, he would have been wrong. Unfortunatel the Arab states give a bad name to the religion not Mr Kilroy-Silk.

One thing he was wrong about. The Arab States have invented something that no-one else has, indeed they invented two things, both of which came from Palestinians...suicide bombing and aeroplane hijacking (remember Leila Khaled?)....and the combination of both in the horrific events of September 11th.

Please Sir, please do not back down, being politically correct today means bowing to the wishes of a very vociferous minority who choose to change the traditions of their adoptive country rather than absorbing them.

Yours very sincerely,

Sheila Raviv
Dear Mr. Kilroy-Silk ,

You are supported by myself , and by millions in this country and around the world.

If I may mention to you, there are many urgent questions and important messages that must be brought out into the open by you and others ,and that is ----- has the BBC and many branches of the media in the West been slowly and very dangerously infiltrated with people over the past 2-5 years( interviewers, producers, directors etc...) who are possibly paid with perks etc,
They are subtley twisting and changing the real truth in News and facts about the west, Iraq Israel etc...

Where is the support for the Western coalition boys and girls (THERE IS HARDLY ANY) on the front line every second of every day who are defending our western culture against those medieval regimes that want to destroy our freedom and way of life?

Do the ones that live here support this country and the other western countries where they live, or are they now a seriously dangerous threat to our western way of life and a fifth column?

There are many many more questions that need to be aired................

Good luck and good health to you for 2004

Yours faithfully

Joseph L Kahn


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