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When You Contact Us, Why Not Leave a Name?
Last uploaded : Sunday 16th Nov 2003 at 01:01
Contributed by : Unknown


JewishComment occasionally receives strongly critical lettters. More often than not, the sender provides no name or information.
Here is one that we wanted to share with readers even though there is no name.
This form was filled by :
name <>
address <>
town-city <>
country <> GB
postcode-zip <>
email <>
age <>
reason for contacting <> Editorial content
notes <> I wonder why you published "Assassins' History" by William Rivers Pitt. Your introduction referred to the "colossal loss of life in Israel in the eight years since the death of Yitzhak Rabin."
But nowehere in the article are the terrorist murders in Israel mentioned and the "truthout" website which you seem to commend appears to be a mouthpiece for anti-Bush appeasers who are often hostile to Israel and other Jewish interests.
The article speaks of the "great or simple good (that)could have been done by the Iraqi civilians and Iraqi soldiers killed in this conflict" in Iraq. But not a word about those Iraqis tortured and butchered by Saddam's regime.
I suggest closer scrutiny before endorsing such opinions.


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