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Regarding the article 'I wish 80 or 90 Jews Would Die..'
Last uploaded : Thursday 30th Oct 2003 at 10:15
Contributed by : Dr Iris Nemhauser


Your article was not at all surprising to me. From the very start of our decision to take aggressive action against Iraq, I have observed member after member of the British Parliament declare publicly (often vituperatively) in that body that the situation in "Palestine" is responsible for all of the world's woes.

It is clear that Britain's leadership and people are greatly influenced by their substantial Moslem population (compounded, in some instances, by their own inborn anti-Semitism) and afraid, or unwilling, to stand up for what is right. Therefore, I am concerned that, given current immigration trends, someday a similar situation may prevail in the United States. Even George Bush was pressured by Tony Blair into acquiescing to implementation of the "road map" in exchange for the latter's support of the war in Iraq.

Our task is clear: Sincere Teshuva and Aliyah are the only things that can save us because we have no one on whom to rely but our Father in Heaven.

Iris Nemhauser, Ph.D.
Rochester, MN


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