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On Mel Gibson
Last uploaded : Monday 6th Oct 2003 at 13:42
Contributed by : Julie Lewis


Mel' s Passion actually goes to lengths to show it was all mankind that killed Christ! Get your facts straight!


This is a piece of art that deserves to be seen, and the subject matter is sensitive in the extreme. In my eyes so far a lot of the criticisms seem to have sparked MORE interest than answered any questions or proferred any solutions. They have also raised worries that most active worshippers of the christian faith would NEVER have even contemplated after seeing the movie. The culpability of Christ's death lies with ALL mankind according to Christians and according to Gibson himself in his interview with EWTN, not just with one race of people.

The focus of this movie seems to have shifted from the main protaganist to the crowd BECAUSE of all the adverse reactions. A more gentle and GENTILE approach by certain parties could have sorted this out better I feel.

I hear your concerns..but would hope that you have you been just as concerned thata man has been branded "anti semite" and tarnished by the press even before he has finished his work? Apparently subtitles are to be added and scenes re edited in the wake of criticism and concern.This process is still not complete, I believe.

Personal attacks just like bigotry are cause for concern and i would hope that while actively seeking your reassurances you do not fall into the same pit of slander and fingerpointing some equally concerned parties have to make their point. This film could equally be a great source of interfaith dialogue as much as the destructive vehicle some sources claim.

Thank you for reading and please be advised of my best intentions in writing this!

Julie Lewis

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