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The Bombing of Innocents in Haifa
Last uploaded : Monday 6th Oct 2003 at 13:37
Contributed by : Sheila Raviv


4th October 2003

Today at approximately 2:15, the Maxim Restaurant in Haifa was filled to capacity. The clientele was mostly families, many were young children. The Education Director of Haifa Council received a telephone call to her home
tell her that a suicide bomber had exploded himself and his filthy cargo of nails and bolts into the restaurant killing at least 19 and injuring more than 50 ( 7 critical). Most of the injured and at least five of the dead are
students within her jurisdiction of Haifa schools.

Those who live will wonder how and why; young bodies filled with bone shattering metal fragments. The choice of Jewish religious holidays (tomorrow is the start of the Day of Atonement) is intentional, as shown by
the Park Hotel and Matsa Restaurant bombings.

They are trying to destroy people, morale and Holy Days in one fell swoop.

And still they want to know why we want a border!!!!!

The Haifa restaurant which was blown to pieces today was owned and managed by Israeli Arabs in an Israeli city where the residents live in perfect harmony.

The murderous bombing today at Maxims was carried out by a homicide bomber who came from Kaba al Garbiya in the Northern Shomron. The bomber got through to Haifa very easily....through the section of the security fence which the
American Government stopped us building. He simply set out from his home
around midday and walked into Haifa.
Judge for yourselves.


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