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The Allegations On Mel Gibson's film
Last uploaded : Sunday 5th Oct 2003 at 12:49
Contributed by : Jerry Boris


It is surely bizarre, that the Christians would
honor their Savior, by fabricating in his name, the most momentous lies in all History, cruelly scapegoating the innocent Jews in Jesus' name, for a crucifixion perpetrated by the Roman tyrant, Pontius Pilate. That dishonest hypocrisy, created solely to force the Jews into conversion, is surely a most peculiar way to establish a moral exemplar. The Jews were not the only victims of a
religion gone wild! The same weird religious
practices also created the fiery Inquisition which, among other extraordinary misdeeds, excommunicated the first great astronomer, the Italian scientist, Galileo; ordered Joan of Arc burned at the stake, and initiated the cruel tortures of the Crusades.

Small comfort to the millions of Jews (and non-Jews, remember), murdered in the name of a falsely benevolent "Religion of Love," that they shared the same death as The Maid of Orleans, and countless thousands more in the flames of the Inquisition.

When Mel Gibson comes to your town, with his
movie, The Passion, honoring his Savior with these ugly ancient lies, that "The Jews" and not the despotic Roman Governor, Pontius Pilate were responsible for the Crucifixion, (an exclusively Roman procedure), make note to ask Gibson, "Where was the trial of the Jews held, who was the Judge, who the Jurors, who the defense Counsel, were the witnesses sworn to "Tell the Truth, the whole Truth, etc ."? These latter questions will reveal there were no legal procedures; the lies were fabricated
50 to 150 years after Jesus was executed by the Romans.

All evidence was hearsay, inadmissible in any
legitimate system of Justice!
PHILA., PA, 19103


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