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Tonight's Homicide Bombings
Last uploaded : Tuesday 9th Sep 2003 at 23:59
Contributed by : Sheila Raviv


Sheila Raviv in Jerusalem sent these two messages in succession on one bloody evening...
I heard it, I heard the boom and saw the smoke in the distance. I prayed it was just fireworks, but there were no pretty stars in the sky.

Another killer in the name of Islam has blown the Jews to bits for not adhering to their faith.

Cafe Hillel is the most popular coffe shop in town and has opened many branches. Young people love to sit and drink their excellent brew. Tonight, at Cafe Hillel on Emek Refa'im, in the German Colony, they were blown apart for the honour. As yet it is not known if it was
a homicide bomber or a car filled with explosives.

Strange that it should have been in the German Colony where Adolf Eichman used to visit while in Jerusalem on Pilgrimage.
The ambulances are passing by the tens.

Sheila Raviv
Today's homicide bombing near Rishon LeZion, accross the road to Asaf HaRofeh hospital was of particular severity. The young soldiers awaiting a lift or bus home from the nearby Tsrifin base were sitting on benches when the terrorist exploded him/herself. So far 3 young lives are lost despite being treated immediately due to the proximity to the hospital.

The injuries of the approzimately 30 injured are so severe that they are not able to be interviewed either by the police or the press. Families are being helped by social workers and phsychologists because they are not allowed to see their children, all of whom needed to undergo surgery.

The young people were being guarded which brings the police to suspect that they were killed by a terrorist dressed as a soldier who got past the guards, mingled with the victims, then exploded.

It is worth noting that both British and American
soldiers receive exactly the same treatment in Iraq.

Sheila Raviv

Sheila Raviv


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