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Why Are the Uk media Silent on UK terror groups?
Last uploaded : Saturday 30th Aug 2003 at 23:33
Contributed by : Sheila Raviv


So much has happened over the last week, some of the events made me boil and others made me smile. One event which made me very angry was the defensive responses protecting Edgar Bronfman's disgusting remarks about Jewish settlers...

Well Mr Bronfman, you most certainly do not speak for me... I do not accept the notion of Jew-free areas in the world. So Mr Bronfman is against the fence too!!! OK, Mr Bronfman, pull down the fences which surround your mansion(s) and allow all the robbers, murderers, would-be kidnappers into your home because it is not politic or politically correct to exclude them from your sumptuous property, then I will listen to your words!!!

The British press, so verbally outspoken on Israeli behaviour chose to remain silent on the foul terrorism which ferments within its borders, indeed within its capital. Carol Gould, of www.jewishcomment.com, who does an amazing job for Israel within the UK and
overseas, sent me the following site


and expressed her dismay and disdain at the press within the UK who had chosen not to notice the posters placed around London lauding the Magnificent 19 who gave their lives to Islam on the 11th September, with a photograph of the smoking towers in the centre. The posters proclaim a rally to celebrate the memories of
the 19 slaughterers, killers, terrorists who performed the "Holy act."

What about the courts in the USA who have accepted the cases against those who dare to wear a cross on a chain around their necks or display a statue of the 10 commandments!!! Since when does that betray civil liberties? Whose liberties does it betray? I would
call it a betrayal of G-d, a betrayal of our ancestors and of our founders. But then that could be me!!!

Yesterday [my husband]Zvi called me to tell me about a wonderful event he funded. A party at the Hyatt Hotel for Jerusalem "Children of Terror" children who had been injured or lost a parent/brother/sister. As I walked into the event I was amazed by the excitement on the
faces of the children. Shai Lapidot, lead singer of the fabulous group "Off Simches" went on stage and sang "Am Yisroel Chai" expressing in song what he then expressed verbally. "You children are not the children of terror; you are the children of life. I know so many of you from when you were in hospital and now I see you laughing and singing and dancing. That is what
gives us the advantage. That is why we will survive and thrive. We love life". When Zvi got up on the stage (as Director of the New Jerusalem Foundation) he said "We must always celebrate life not death. That is what makes us different from our neighbours. I hope to give many parties but in the future they will be
parties of celebration that we are here and live in peace."

I felt great sadness that these beautiful children had suffered loss and pain but such pride in their joy.

If you want photos, I will happily send them to you.

Talking of pride and joy.. Kinneret Chaya [victim of Tel Aviv bombing in 2002] underwent
reconstructive plastic surgery on her hand and her elbow two weeks ago. It was very painful surgery, but unavoidable. Her left hand was almost destroyed in the flames which followed the bombing, and she is left-handed. The surgery included plastic surgery on the back of her hand and pinning of her fingers to straighten them. She still cannot use her hand but is starting physiotherapy this week. Our Kinneret Chaya has gone through so very much, one would say more than one human being can stand, but...she has, she did and she will. No-one can take away the will to live, no-one.While still in hospital and in pain KC still called me to see how I was!!!!

Write to your news stations and news papers, ask them why they have not publicised the horror stories of those who would celebrate the deaths of 9/11. Before you get smug, the groups who are intending to run the rally have followers all over the world..including the USA. We have so much to learn from Jody, way out in Alaska. Jody has taken on the world to give Israel's side of the story. Her intense care (in Hebrew we say
echpatiut) and intelligent approach is heartwarming.

Shabbat Shalom

Sheila Raviv


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