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The Shooting during 'Hudna'
Last uploaded : Monday 4th Aug 2003 at 19:03
Contributed by : Sheila Raviv


Update 4th August 2003:

The old road to Gush Katif now goes to Har Gilo...which is basically above Bethlehem. Until now it was a very quiet road without problems. The family was, in fact, on its way back from a vacation in Eilat.

The mother is now in severe but stable condition, the 9 year old girl is now in stable condition and the other two are home.

3rd August, 2003

At about 9:50 this evening I was horrified to see tens of police cars and ambulances rush noisily through the traffic toward the old road toward Gush Etzion. The road begins where our neighbourhood ends and I can see it from our veranda. When I saw that they closed the road completely I became even more concerned. But this is a time of Hudna, of a cease-fire, so why worry?

There was no report on the news and I didn't understand what was happening. Zvi received a phone call from Minister Benny Elon and he told us what had happened. A mother and her three children were innocently driving home, probably after shopping in the nearby Jerusalem shopping mall, on the road which leads to Har Gilo. As they approached the road-block they were shot at by a sniper from side of the road,. Two of the children were slightly injured and traumatized; the mother and a nine year old child were seriously hurt. They were all taken to Hadassa Ein Kerem Hospital where the Mother is undergoing surgery for a bullet in her stomach and the daughter is being assessed for gun-shot wounds in her legs.




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