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Regarding Brian Sewell
Last uploaded : Monday 4th Aug 2003 at 18:59
Contributed by : Jon Harari


Artists are often mad and art critics even madder. Brian Sewell shows that he knows nothing accurate about Jewish culture, the Old Testament or religion in general, for that matter; and would be well advised to keep his ignorance on those subjects to himself. Moreover, does he take responsibility for the effect his article is likely to have on public perceptions of Jews? Sadly, perhaps he does - in the wrong way, as his article appears to be yet another example of howling Jew hate, thinly disguised as reason.

What is particularly worrying is that it is part of a general - and increasing - pattern of public vilification of the Jewish people in Britain. My own diagnosis of this is that, having once led the world in values associated with tolerance, humanity and learning, the country is now regressing to an earlier, far more primitive state of civilisation or rather, lack of it. An inevitable historical cycle it may be, but nonetheless, it's very sad.

On a personal note, it's also why, born and brought up in Britain, educated and trained in some of its finest institutions, I will never live there again. I have had to abandon it, because it abandoned me - for no reason other than that I am a Jew. The rot is far worse than you might want to think.

Jon Harari


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