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1000 Days -- Remembering the Missing
Last uploaded : Wednesday 2nd Jul 2003 at 23:30
Contributed by : Sheila Raviv


July 2nd, 2003

Just imagine, your beloved son is captured by the
enemy, in full view of the United Nations, videoed by the United Nations, in a United Nations car, and you hear nothing of his whereabouts for 1,000 days.

We wore blue ribbons, we wrote letters, we prayed, but we can never ever understand the despair of the families of Avi Avitan, Omar Souad and Benny Avraham.
Sheikh Nasralla of the Hisbollah plays with the minds of those families. First he denies the boys' existence, then he says they are dead, then he laughs out loud on international television saying that the Israeli Government doesn't care about them and that we have done nothing to secure their return.

I have met the parents of Adi and Omar, and will never forget Omar's father, an Israeli Bedouin, beg me to help them find their boy. I love Chaim and Edna Avraham. From the first moment I heard Chaim speak, from the moment he gave me my blue ribbon, from the moment Edna showed me Benny's photograph, from the moment they sat in our home to take a moment's breath from their killing schedule of visits to Presidents and Kings to bring their baby home I have felt their pain. How dare Nasralla claim nothing has been done?

1,000 days of not knowing if your child is alive or dead. 1,000 days of fearing the tortures they surely suffered. 1,000 days of prayers, even after rending their clothes in the belief the boys are dead. 1,000 days that none of us could imagine in our worst nightmares, these families live with every day of their lives now and forever.

It is not too late to write begging, nay, demanding their intervention to -
President Bush - president@whitehouse.gov
Vice President Cheney vice.president@whitehouse.gov
US Secretary of State, Colin Powell
Kofi Annan, Sec. General UN

Write to your local press and to your representatives in government.

Whether it is to bury their sons or by some miracle to hug them and say "Shalom Aleichem, Baruch Haba Habayita" Peace be with you, welcome home, let these families know.



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