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A reaction to JewishComment on the Election
Last uploaded : Wednesday 29th Jan 2003 at 18:40
Contributed by : Sheila Raviv


I wish to make a statement which may surprise you-

I am very pleased that
Ariel Sharon has won the elections. I do not care what those who do not live
her say about it, we, the Israelis, suffer the human outrages every day of
our lives. The Independent newspaper can take us back to the 1930's with
their evil depiction of the only democratic leader in the area. We are sick
of the bombs and we are sick of the depictions.

The evil characters in this play are Yassir Arafat who has taken his people
from hope to despair, Muammar Ghadaffi (head of the UN human rights
commission) whose people do not enjoy even the smallest modicum of human
rights in their own country, Assad, father and son, (head of the UN security
council) whose peoples live in fear of their own security from their leader,
and...indeed all the Arab leaders.

Ariel Sharon did not start the Intifada. Ariel Sharon held back from
retribution, despite the whimpering of Saeb Erekat, no massacre was
committed. The only massacres are on the streets of Israel. Do you want us
to go quietly to the gas masks without trying to save ourselves?

The left brought us the Intifada. The left quashed the uprising of Israeli
Arabs with a violent hand. The left, despite promises, did nothing to save
the Lebanese Christians who came to Israel seeking asylum from Moslem
oppression in their own country, after fighting a war together with Israel.
A war, by the way, to save the status quo...a Christian country in the midst
of Islamic countries.

I beg of you to understand the Israeli people. We are tired of dying, we are
tired of being told not to react. We are tired of the bullies of this world.
We want a strong leader who still understands the meaning of Zionism, still
remembers the gas chambers.

Ariel Sharon is not the way he is depicted. He is a leader, and a good one.
He cares deeply about Israel and when the Palestinians found it difficult to
negotiate with Barak and even Peres, they asked for Sharon knowing him to be
an honest man.

If you pray for anything, pray that Mitzna will step down and allow Shimon
Peres to join the Unity Government. This morning as Mitzna made his speech,
reiterating his refusal to join Sharons Government, the camera caught the
look of despair on Peres face. It reminded me of the look on the late
Yitzchak Rabins face as Peres brought him to the White House lawn to meet

Please, understand where Israelis are coming from.

Your friend


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