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Last uploaded : Tuesday 31st Dec 2002 at 18:01
Contributed by : Sheila Raviv


31st December 2002

Incredible! A whole year has passed and what a year!

I salute Oriana Fallaci and Rosie DiManno who, among a few others, proved that the press can report the facts instead of twisting them. As more and more countries suffer terror attacks, from Bali, to Finland, from India to the
Philipinnes the world has to understand that Israel is the scapegoat not the criminal. I pray that 2003 will see Dreyfus vindicated

I am proud that in 2002 Israeli doctors and scientists, despite the situation here, have produced new drugs to cure, to heal, rather than recreating old diseases to harm and to kill.

This year I have seen all but one of my wonderful family, my big sister whom I love dearly. My children are happy and giving back to the world.

In the new year I pray that reason will overtake rapaciousness; understanding deny intolerance; journalists will report the truth instead of trying to change world opinion; that political correctness will include rejecting antisemitism.

In 2003 I want to show YOU the colours and aromas of the vegetable market, the Jewish Market, Mahane Yehuda. I want to show you the beauty of this city, from the ancient stones to the sidewalk restaurants, from the Wall to the
Mall; The Biblical Zoo and the Israel Museum, the Davison Centre and the Islamic Arts Museum. The Supreme Court and the Knesset. I want us to walk through the streets of Jerusalem together in an act of solidarity, not defiance.

When the streets will throng with tourists the economy will revive, the country will return to being self-sufficient and the soul and self esteem of the Jewish people will return.

Above all, I pray that in 2003 will not need to defend ourselves from attacks which will give us time for tikun olam.

May 2003 be all you wish and more.

With love


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