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In praise of Rosie DiManno and Other Things
Last uploaded : Friday 13th Dec 2002 at 22:24
Contributed by : Sheila Raviv



12th of the 12th 2002

Shabbat Shalom dear friends.

Rosie DiManno does it again. Thank you Ms DiManno; you are a bright light in
a sea of disinformation.

Muslims should embrace the spirit of King Faisal


This week has been a stormy one in every sense of the word! First the political storms and the hidden hatreds that politicians seem to bring out at the worst moments. Secondly the wonderful, long awaited, cleansing rains of winter.

The Likud elections were much as expected. Bibi Netanyahu supporters had too much time on their hands and managed to rise in numbers. The Prime Minister is far too busy to play that game, and wily enough to overcome it with grace.
Many new, young faces are on the Likud list. Bibi feels that the PM is far too pragmatic and should be the far right tiger he once was. That is easy to say when you are not in power, but the epitome of bad statesmanship if you are.

Ehud Olmert, who has just returned to politics after a long break as Mayor of Jerusalem, lost votes for his outspoken support of the PM and dislike of Bibi, was chosen by the PM to head the Likud Campaign.

Pragmatism was not the route of the Labour party either. Many old accounts were settled in these elections. As with Tsachi Hanegbi within the Likud ranks, Avrum Burg worked in the Labour ranks to ensure deals and votes. The Labour
list has few changes in content, rather in order of choice. Yossi Beilin and Yael Dayan are out of the realistic list and have left for the warm home of Meretz and Yossi Sarid whose political stance is far closer to theirs.

The Shas voters now have to choose between Shas and Kadouri, in an attempt to halt the weakening of the party in favour of Likud.

The other storms? Rain, glorious and plentiful rain!!!!! Israel has a serious water problem after a couple of lean years of rainfall. We also give a specific amount of water to Jordan because we stand by our agreements with that nation. Add to that the damming of one of the sources of the Kinneret and the poisoning of the Ayoub River with raw sewage.......we need every single

Yesterday I had yet another reason to be proud of my husband. The New Jerusalem Foundation has launched a book of exceptional art by people with
psychological and social problems. The monies raised by the sale of the book, "The Hidden Artist, works of uncommon people" will go toward the building of the Arts Centre for Children with Special Needs that the New Jerusalem Foundation is building in Jerusalem. The publication of the Book was made possible with the help of the Devora Foundation and the Konrad Adenauer Institute, two organisations who help the NJF change the face of Jerusalem from tears to a smile on so many projects, big and small. If you want to purchase the book...


Today's local paper holds a full page article about my husband. They tell the story of when he was a student and began the very first demonstration to free Soviet Jewry...two students helped him hang posters...... Ehud Olmert and
Moshe Katsav. One a Mayor of Jerusalem and the other the President of the State of Israel. I think my humble husband takes humility too far when he describes himself as a "shlepper" by comparison.

Shabbat Shalom to all of you. As my late and lovely Auntie Lena used to write in my autograph book......
"May all your troubles be as thin as Matza and they will surely Passover"

With love


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