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Finland Refuses To Sell Gas Mask Kits to Israel
Last uploaded : Friday 1st Nov 2002 at 12:23
Contributed by : Jock L Falkson



I am one of millions of Israelis, and millions of Jews, who take strong umbrage against the Government of Finland for refusing to supply Israel with their unique gas kits.

These kits, we understand, are capable of identifying the type of gas which may be used by Iraq or other enemy, against the people of Israel.

The kits are purely defensive and remedial. They do not spew gas against anyone. What they do is speedily analyze and identify the gas used, giving doctors and scientists the crucial information urgently needed to counteract the lethal intention of the enemy. The kits enable the speedy application of the correct life-saving antidote.

The lesson of speedy medical intervention in the event of a gas attack stared the world in the face as Russian doctors battled to save the lives of gassed hostages who made it out of the Dubrovka Theatre Center in Moscow, last week.

Scores who might have been saved died for the simple reason the medical practitioners were unable to identify the gas used. And because the Russian government kept mum despite the numbers of dead rising, from 59 when PM Putin made his public apology, to 119 as of yesterday. (BBC report.)

Despite this harsh lesson the Finnish Government decided, on behalf of the good people of Finland, to ensure maximum deaths and casualties in Israel, should Iraq rocket us in the very near future, with missile carrying gas warheads.

Hard as it is to conceive, it seems daylight clear that the Finnish Government hopes gas attacks against Israel will succeed. And that Israel?s enemy/ies will kill and disable the maximum number of Israelis as humanly(!) possible. That?s the punishment the Finns have decreed for our alleged crimes against the Palestinians.

If this were not their intention it would not be beyond Finnish ingenuity to find a less lethal punishment for what they see as Israel?s sins. And which they believe merit cruel capital punishment for the greatest number of Israel citizens. Or a shortened, painful life for those who survive. All because the Finns withheld their unique kits which speed gas identification and application of correct medical treatment.

The greatest irony is that Finland has not executed anyone for over 150 years. It opposes capital punishment in all circumstances and supports the work of the international organizations in opposing the death penalty.
But, as we can see, Finland is prepared to make an exception for Jews and other citizens of Israel. Among them, incidentally, are some 1,250,000 Arabs. Has Finland given a thought to their being gassed too?

The Finnish punishment for Israel?s so called mistreatment of Palestinians in the event of a gas attack by Iraq, is death. Leaving one to wonder ? do the people of Finland stand foursquare behind their government?s intention to aid such mass murder, if not genocide, by Iraq - the publicly announced enemy of Israel?
Finnish Foreign Minister Erkki Tuomioja sums up his government's reasons: "I am appalled,? he said, ?at the Israeli policy of suppression, humiliation, subordination and impoverishment towards the Palestinians." For this he is prepared to sentence untold numbers of Israelis to death. Talk about collective capital punishment!

Tuomioja does not have a good word to say about Israel. He does not have a bad word to say about Palestinian terrorist bombers who specifically target Israeli civilians. (Even Amnesty now defines these attacks as crimes against humanity.)

As reported by the Israel Defense Force spokesperson there were . . .
? 14,918 terror attacks of all kinds, resulting in

? 640 killed

? 4,680 injured

? from 29 September 2000 through 21 October 2002.

The exuberant national ideal of the Palestinians is ?Jihad! Jihad! Jihad!? They have no intention of living with Israel peacefully, side by side.

It?s time Finland understood the real intentions of the terrorist Palestinian Authority and their terrorist adherents. And woke up to the existential threat from the Iraqis faced by a great many Israelis. The Finnish government should do something pronto about those gas kits. For if the worst comes to the worst, and Israelis are gassed, the people of Finland will forever hang their heads in shame in assemblies where civilized peoples meet.

Jock L Falkson


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