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Steaming Mad
Last uploaded : Friday 25th Oct 2002 at 02:02
Contributed by : Sheila Raviv


21st October, 2002

I am steaming mad. I am furious and generally sick and tired of the world out there. No matter how many of us die...they say we are to blame. "Release the stranglehold you have on the Palestinians". We lift the closure, imposed
because fo terror activities, and 10 people die and 50 others are injured as a bus is turned into an inferno by Islamic Jihad murderers who came through the very places we had opened up.

What will the news agencies say?
I can hear the politely antisemitic tones of the BBC saying that the Palestinians have no option but to kill and maim in order to get out of their abject poverty.

The car containing its human bombs was a very expensive 4x4 vehicle, which drew alongside the petrol tank of the bus before exploding, turning the passengers into human torches. Sorry BBC, you will be disappointed to know they weren't settlers.

CNN will say that we brought it upon ourselves for oppressing the Palestinians.
Hey, they were never freer, never richer, never better fed, never better educated than when under Israeli rule. Israelis stopped their corrupt and
evil leaders reaching their satanic potential. They did not have a land of their own?
True, but almost every country in the world spent time under the rule of another country until it had learned how to govern.

Can you imagine a Jew blowing up a bus? Can you imagine a Jew putting his family in front of him while he and his cronies shoot grenades at the army so that when the army finally responds, the children are in the line of fire?

Can you imagine a Jew who willingly sends his child to blow himself to shreds out of sheer uncontrollable hatred? Can you imagine a Jew teaching his four year old child to a kindergarten where they shoot live ammunition and learn how to wear a suicide belt with pride?

What will most of world Jewry say? "If only we get out of the settlements then all will be fine?" Do any of them know what balderdash they are talking?

What would you say if Israel refused to accept Moslems in her midst? Ah, I understand, that would not be politically correct, yet that is exactly what the Arabs are saying. No Jews allowed on our land.

Illegal outposts should be dismantled, all illegal buildings should be dismantled,
irrespective of the faith of the owner. Illegal is illegal. So, why does the world condemn Israel pulling down Arab houses and cheer pulling down Jewish ones?

Can't anyone hear the ghosts of the past? Can't we understand that Jews are going up in smoke again? Right here, right now. Arafat vowed to "finish Hitler's task", are you going to let it happen? Arafat, supporter of Al Qaeeda.

I heard the news of today's terror attack while at the Presidents house. On the initiative of Minister of Tourism Rabbi Yitschak Levi, the President, together with the Mayor of Jerusalem and Chief Rabbi Bakshi Doron, was giving a reception for children who had lost parents, limbs, sight or hearing and were "celebrating" their bar and bat mitzvas. These children had no fancy parties, no expensive clothes, no dance bands, they were trying to rebuild their lives.
They got the warmth of their President's voice as he reassured them that they must use their experience and build on it. He told them that they were strong, that they shuold look to the future and study to be the best they can be....then maybe we can achieve Peace. Children from Shomron sang beautiful songs of peace, yup settlers every one! I went with my friend the clown, Rami Salami.

As he wove them hats of multicoloured balloons he wove a smile into their broken hearts. Next year there will be more such children, from today's
bombing, and the next one and the next one, never-ending until one finally, one day we will all stand together and shout with all our might ......STOP.

I am going away for a week, to be with my son and daughter-in-law and my family in the UK. We will be celebrating my niece's batmitzva...in very
different circumstances to those children today.

Be well dear friends, I wish you peace.


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