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'The Quiet American'
Last uploaded : Thursday 10th Oct 2002 at 14:54
Contributed by : Imre Herzog


(Photo: Graham Greene)

I think that in today's context showing this film on the screens will pose a problem with the drawing room leftists in the US and Europe, who are against a war on Iraq.

This war is not to the liking of anyone, but is a must. A dictator with WMD's is a danger for the future of the free world, as are also the Islamic Extremists who are against all that is from the West, except the weapons that they purchase, in order to attack, kill and destroy all the infidels.

We as Jews no what it is to be daily in danger of being killed or harmed. Therefore to demoralize and brainwash the spectators for the sole reason of making money is against the principals of humanity.

Imre Herzog


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