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The Clocks Stopped
Last uploaded : Sunday 6th Oct 2002 at 20:23
Contributed by : Sheila Raviv



Sunday, October 6th 2002

Tonight the clocks go back in Israel. Two years ago, at 12:45pm, 7th October 2000, the clocks stopped for three families, the Avrahams, the Avitans and the Souads, when their sons were kidnapped to Lebanon by the Hisbollah.
Hisbollah terrorists dressed in UN uniforms and under the watchful eye of a UN outpost.

All that remained at the Shaba Farms was a blood-stained vehicle and a video filmed by the UN, which took a year to extract from this organisation which wanted to protect the "innocent" assassins.

We cannot bring the boys back, we cannot expect the international organisations to put pressure on their captors/murderers, but we can do
three things.

1. Put a blue ribbon on your coat and a blue balloon in your window.
2.Write to Edna and Haim Avraham to tell them that you are thinking of them
and the other parents. haim.rg@histadrut.org.il
3. Never forget these and all the Israeli MIAs, pray that their families will find peace.

Bless you


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