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JewishComment's distribution of Yoel Marcus article
Last uploaded : Sunday 28th Jul 2002 at 17:30
Contributed by : Imre Herzog


Editor's Note: JewishComment distributed to its e-mail subscribers an article by Yoel Marcus, 'The Long and Imbecilic Arm of Israel,' that condems the Gaza strike and recalls past Israeli intelligence genius that left no collateral damage.
The full Ha'aretz article may be read by going to the Ha'aretz Link on our site.
I was quite astonished to the fact that you distributed this article of Yoel Marcus of Ha'aretz.

As you must know, Ha'aretz is a nespaper, which has become a newspaper, which condemns good and bad. Further it is against all governments in Israel. It is a disaster that they put in their articles, news and articles, which are demoralizing for the people of Israel, but at the same time are used by the Arab media against Israel and also by the antisemitic biased media around the world to help them to distribute their venom.

What Marcus forgets to mention is that times have changed since the Israeli Secret Service, could eliminate their foes, wherever they were. Today the foes are in the West Bank and Gaza. Living under cover, in buildings which are sorrounded by civilians.

Whenever it was possible the Terrorist heads were killed while they were travelling from one place to another, but Shehadeh, the mastermind of all terrorist attacks, was always disappearing and although there were other attemps to kill him, these were not possible, because his plans were changed.

Therefore when you find at last where he is hiding, you program his execution, even if there will also be other casualities. Shehadeh in his plans of suicide bombings, planned them against Israeli civilians, being men, women, children and babies. Why has Israel not the same right as other nations, who have bombarded civilians in the past.

Think of Hamburg, Dresden, Nancy during the second world war, or Vietnam, Serbia and Afganistan.

When the allied troops bombarded the mountains to kill the Al Qu'eda hideouts. There were the wives and children of this terror group, living with them. The same goes for Bin Laden. He had his wives and children with him. But what the allies do is acceptable, not what Israel does in the same circumstances.

Fighting terrorism is not easy. It is a task which also endangers the life of civilians. Only the IDF has always done its utmost not to kill civilians, which cost them the lives of 16 soldiers in Jenin only. For if it where the allies who wanted to destroy a terrorist infrastructure, they would have bombarded Gaza a long time ago, killing thousands of civilians, together with thousand of Hamas supporters and terrorists.

I do not wish Yoel Marcus to have a person of his family or a friend be killed in a terrorist or suicide bombing attack, but if that were the case, he would surely change the tune of his wording.

You as a group, whose aim is bring the truth to your members and also to unite the Jews of the UK, should in the future refrain in posting articles such as this one. For the harm you have done, nullifies with this one article all the good that you have been doing.

Best regards
Imre Herzog


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