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The Firing of the Israeli Academics
Last uploaded : Wednesday 17th Jul 2002 at 00:57
Contributed by : Avi Harari


As someone professionally involved in the translation world, I can tell you that the dismissal of the Israeli scholars was a long time coming: this field in particular seems to have attracted more than its fair share of blinkered, left-wing types, who trot out the standard cant on brutal Israeli oppression of defenceless Arabs, while ignoring the fascism and blood lust of the Palestinian death cultists.

Moreover, this unwarranted dismissal in particular crosses a threshold in terms of the degradation of the values of objectivity and openness traditionally espoused by academic institutions in general. To that extent, it is significant and no less sinister.

Fundamentally, the dismissals appear to be a thinly disguised act of racism. Put it this way: would the individuals in question have been dismissed if they had been Israeli Arabs, who also carry Israeli passports? I don' think so. I think we should all sit up and take notice, not just that this has happened, but also of the world's reaction. The latter will tell us a lot.


Avi Harari


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