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America and Britain
Last uploaded : Monday 15th Jul 2002 at 23:27
Contributed by : Avi Harari


My dog is a terrier cross. It is quite small, being only about 10" off the ground. It has the bad habit of goading much larger dogs by running at them and barking fiercely. On the other hand, if they turn and pursue it, then it turns tail and heads frantically in my direction, yelping pathetically as if it was about to be murdered, pleading for my protection.

My dog reminds of Britain. It is brave at a distance and in theory, but if it gets in real trouble, it knows perfectly well it needs the protection of someone much bigger. In the case of Britain, that someone much bigger is the United States. It is all very well for Brits to criticise the US, but let's keep a sense of perspective: didn't the United States rescue Britain from that nasty Mr. Hitler not all that long ago?

The United States may have its faults - no question - but without it both Britain and Israel could, and probably would, be rubbed out, just like cigarette butts on the pavement.

Best regards,

Avi Harari


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