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Cherie Blair's Hopeless Bombers
Last uploaded : Thursday 20th Jun 2002 at 17:02
Contributed by : Avi Harari


I would like to address the nature of the cult phenomenon that causes young Palestinians to blow themselves to bits along with others. In other words, when Cherie Blair says Palestinians must be misguided and hopeless, this is totally missing the point: they are not in their right minds, having been brainwashed, virtually from birth. Further, I do not call this method 'war', I call it 'child abuse', wouldn't you?

What might be instructive would be to apply to the Palestinian terrorist outfits the standard tests for the existence of a mind-controlling cult:

1) Is all external information restricted?
2) Is all contact with other people of differing viewpoints prevented?
3) Is the individual prevented from leaving the cult's premises by force?
4) Does the individual have to repeat over and over nonsensical mantras or dogmas?
5) Does the individual have to fit in to an unduly strict hierarchy?
6) Does the individual have little or no free, unsupervised time?
7) Does the individual have to show extreme subservience to one individual or small group of individuals?
8) Are the leaders of the organisation regarded as infallible?

It seems to me that virtually all of these tests would be failed by Hamas, Fatah, Islamic Jihad etc.


Avi Harari


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