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From the Scene of Today's Bus Bombing
Last uploaded : Tuesday 18th Jun 2002 at 10:39
Contributed by : Sheila Raviv


18th June, 2002

We heard the boom and prayed that it was just an aeroplane. Then the sirens started, I told you how we dread the multiple sirens as the police and
ambulances race to the scenes of unspeakable horror.

On the road from Jerusalem to Gilo, just next to the neighbourhood of Beit Safafa, a killer, a slaughterer blew himself up and a bus load of passengers. Egged bus number 31 carrying workers and children from Gilo toward the centre of town. We do not know the number of dead, we do not
know the number of lives forever ruined.

>From our apartment we see the ambulances racing to the hospitals, we see the cars silently waiting in the inevitable traffic jams as the injured are taken from the tangled mess of another bus. We do not know if their are dead, but the injured have already been taken to hospital, only twenty minutes since the horror.

Terror strikes the hearts of those hit by terrorism. That is their purpose.

I pray that my friends in Beit Safafa are safe too. Beit Safafa, a prosperous Arab neighbourhood which has never, ever raised a hand against its Jewish neighbours.



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