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Syria and Terror
Last uploaded : Sunday 9th Jun 2002 at 00:35
Contributed by : Sheila Raviv


Shalom, Shabbat Shalom.

Syria is currently funding terrorism in the Middle East and in the world.
Syria has occupied Lebanon for over twenty years, willfully harrassing Christians
in that formerly Christian country. Syria is a country where dissenters do not live long. Syria, which refused to accept the Palestinians who fled Jordan after Arafat led them into a bloodily ineffective coup d'etat. Syria, which sits on the United Nations Security Council, making decisions every day which set the fate of the world. Syria, one of those nations whose reason for being part of the United Nations is to sweep Israel politically into the sea. Nations who demand rights without giving them.

60% of the Human Rights Commission of the United Nations time is spent upon the Israel and the Palestinians. The question of human rights of women in their countries, including female circumcision, is ignored. The human rights of
children, of citizens of many of the tyrannical regimes is ignored. The human rights of human beings around the world who have no right to food, to pure water, to simple health care, and to live without fear, all are almost ignored by
the United Nations because the Moslem States, who rarely pay their dues, use this organisation to rid themselves of one tiny nation, barely a pimple on the map, and they use our money to do it.

Syria. Ramadan Shalah is the leader of Islamic Jihad. Islamic Jihad and Mr Shalah are based in Syria. Islamic Jihad claimed responsibility for killing and maiming tens of people, mostly aged under 21, in the horrific bus bombing
this week at the Megiddo Junction.

Maybe it is time to write to your leaders, your legislators about this upside- down situation?

This week has been both sad and wonderfully happy. Sad because whatever we do the bombings continue, happy because those who really love us have come to Israel, and lots more are on their way. I was thrilled to meet up with new friends from the Israel Museum Board and to take our friend Robert with us. Robert comes all the way from Australia three times a year to do his
bit, this time it was for the Hebrew University Board.

Chicago, Chicago, my kind of town. The terrific Chicago Mission, one of many from the windy city, brought in old friends and new. Wonderful friends of Israel each and every one of you. Next week the Jewish Agency Board arrives and then Keren Hayesod. My lovely friend Simon Klarfeld is back in my life. Simon is here with the Andrea and Charles Bronfman Philanthropies group. The
Bronfmans received a well deserved and rare honour this week, Honorary Citizens of Jerusalem, actually they live here! Despite CNN reports, each and every one of these visitors to Israel goes home preparing for their next visit!!
Every one who comes here is astonished by the fact that Jerusalem is a beautiful and inspiring as ever. Unfortunately many missions now include
visits to terror victims who are still in hospital, but in general the visits are

I just spoke to Yaffa. Kinneret Chaya [Editor's Note: Kinneret is a victim of the Tel Aviv coffee shop bombing this past winter]had another difficult week. The week began well with two successful skin grafts, but wednesday brought her
another lung infection. today she is more stable but her condition was critical this week. Don't forget, her sister Nitzan is saving all your letters and making an album out of them, for when Kinneret Chaya is better. Her email is nitzan_rimon@hotmail.com

My Zvi is in Dallas Texas. This Shabbat will be sadder for his absence, Mayor Ehud Olmert is arriving soon and then on Saturday night my lovely man will prove to many thousands of
Christians that he has the most amazing bass-baritone voice as he sings with my childhood heartthrob, Pat Boone, "Yerushalyim shel Zahav" Jerusalem the Golden. I wish I could have been there!!!
G-d Bless you all. Be well and don't forget to pray for peace, for Israel,
for all
those injured over the last terrible months and for KINNERET CHAYA BAT

With much love


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