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The Current Situation
Last uploaded : Tuesday 21st May 2002 at 19:42
Contributed by : Sheila Raviv


20th May,2002

Last night we met with some of my sources. They informed me that :-

1. The reason for the relative quiet until yesterday has nothing to do with Operation Wall of Safety (Homat Magen). Apparently the Palestinians tried to blackmail the European Union into keeping all thirteen arrested terrorists in one place and in easy conditions (for escape?) with a promise of quiet on the
terror front. The European Union in a rare show of strength decided not to bow to blackmail and have spread them around the continent. The immediate result was yesterday's homicide bombing in Netanya.

2. The next two weeks will be of high terror alert. There are promises from the Palestinians of many bombings and killings. This has not been officially announced, but the PM and the Chief of Staff have been warned by the EU representatives.

3. That there will be attacks in the USA and the UK. Suicide bombers are on their way there too. Not only Al Quaida, as reported, but Palestinian groups too.

4. There is great unrest within the PA, nothing new, but an internal revolution is very much on the cards. At the lower level, despair of the corruption; at the higher level, greed for power and stronger terror methods.

The bombing yesterday [in Netanya]was carried out by a Palestinian dressed in IDF uniform. They tend to dress as Haredim or soldiers. He came through Tulkarm which was entered by the IDF immediately afterwards in a sweep.

One of those killed was in charge of the kitchen at the Park HOtel in Netanya. That Seder night he went down to the store-room for a moment and was
saved. The family threw aspecial birthday party for him as a celebrtion.
Yesterday he died.

The Eurovision Song Competition is aboutt o take place. The enlightened and democratic Eruopeans have tried to remove Israel from the list. When they did not succeed they statred threatening the life of Sarit Hadad, the singer of the Israeli entry. The song "Light a Candle" is a song of peace. Maybe that is their objection. We can make sure that the song is in high demand. For a change it really is a good one.

Finally, I want to than, fromt he bottom of my heart, the Christians for Israel who made and incredible showing at the London Trafalgar Square Rally. Their bus caravan created quite a scene with the Israeli flags flying. Friends were brought to tears of pride. Fantastic.

Be well, be safe and keep up the good work.



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