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BBC Radio 4's 'Today' Show
Last uploaded : Friday 10th May 2002 at 12:30
Contributed by : G Campbell


Dear Sirs

I found your web site from a search on Google.

I was provoked to carry out the search after listening to the Radio 4 Today programme this morning. I am an Anglican who has never been to Israel. I have found the BBC coverage of the Israel/Palestine question has a general
bias against Israel and the Jewish people, sometimes subtle, often less so.

The most common trick seems to be the simple one (well demonstrated this morning when the presenter interviewed a subject with an American accent who had chosen to join the Palestinians in the Church of the Nativity) of allowing the subject to "sound off" about their cause and not to interupt or intervene with challenging questions.

I was pleased to find your site, which seems to me to be providing a vital resource. I shall look at it on a regular basis in future.

Best wishes to you and your site.

G Campbell


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