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An Urgent Appeal from Israel for Doctors and Medical Volunteers
Last uploaded : Thursday 25th Apr 2002 at 18:31
Contributed by : Maj. Eric Karsenty, MD, MPH


Subject: Medical Volunteers for Israel

The following was forwarded to us by an associate of a doctor who is one of the over 20,000 civilian Israelis called up by the army as part of an emergency draft during the current crisis.

Many more doctors like him have also been drafted, and this is putting a strain on the civilian medical system.

He sent us the following plea for civilian doctors from overseas to volunteer in Israeli
civilian hospitals to replace medical staff who have been drafted into the army.

Please forward this to friends in the medical professions who you think might be able to volunteer at Israeli hospitals.

Dear All,

The State of Israel is once again fighting for its survival. As you all know, at the difference of previous wars there is no frontline, Arab terror has transformed all the country into a
war front. The IDF is now trying to eradicate the nests of terror and has imposed upon itself very strenuous constraints in order to try and limit at a minimum the number of enemy civilian
casualties. At the opposite to what has been done only recently by other western civilized nations in such situations, our soldiers are fighting without support of artillery or aviation bombardment, the use of missile armed helicopters and tanks being very selective and punctual. This increases manifolds the risks of casualties among our soldiers.

The Israeli medical system has up to now given a very well adapted response to the situation, bearing the burden of mass murderous attacks against civilians as well as treating injured
soldiers. The continuous training of the emergency services has shown its worth. However no one has any illusions: we are only at the beginning of the current crisis. The worse is probably still ahead.

The IDF has decided to begin and withdraw its medical staff from the civilian hospitals in order to re-assign them to fighting units or support units. This can be efficiently done only if we find a way of replacing these medical officers in their wards and departments in the civilian hospitals. Therefore we call upon
you to volunteer and replace them in the Israeli hospital, for a period of time of at least 2 weeks. The present program will run for weeks, may be months. All medical specialties are needed,
women as men, young or older doctors, all will be helpful and contribute to our fighting effort.

The success of the program depends upon every one of the doctors who will decide to join it, and will at the same time speak about it among its friends, family and colleagues.

We are currently organizing the pool of volunteers, in order to establish the practical application of this plan.

If you are interested, please be in contact with me at the email address below.

At this stage each person should supply:
a Curriculum Vitae (Resume)
Email address and an indication of the preferred period of volunteering.

Later we will ask for photocopies of:
your passport
your diploma of Doctor in Medicine
your license of practicing medicine in your State or Country.

We'll be in touch with you and let you share each steps of this project.

Maj.Eric Karsenty, MD, MPH
Coordinator of the Medical Volunteers Project
IDF Medical Corps

Email: Eric.Karsenty@moh.health.gov.il


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