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Terje Roed Larsen --Where Was He When Jews Were being Slaughtered?
Last uploaded : Friday 19th Apr 2002 at 11:49
Contributed by : Sheila Raviv


Dear Friends,

Terje Larssen is the most senior representative of the United Nations in the Middle East and architect of the Oslo accords. Mr Larssen and his wife, the Ambassador for Norway, have consistently denied the implimentation of those accords by his biased actions. Mr Larssen's sensitivities are offended by the stench of death in Jenin. If it is Mr Larsen's job to be offended by unnecessary death, he should be angry and disgusted, because those deaths were utterly unnecessary. Had Arafat taken Prime Minister Barak's offer eighteen months ago Jenin would have been standing in the free and independent state of Palestine.

Did Mr Larssen forget that the street in the centre of Jenin, the street of whose destruction he expressed his disgust so eloquently, was the one booby-trapped by Palestinians and blown up on top of Israeli troops and 13 died in the attack?

Where was Mr Larsen's sensitivity when 16 people, including whole families, perished in the Matza restaurant in Haifa? The homicide bomber came from Jenin. Where was Mr Larsen's sensitivity when families sat around their Paschal feast at the Park Hotel Netanya were savaged, 28 dead? Where was Mr Larsen when 21 teenagers were slaughtered in the Dolphinarium bombing? The homicide bombers came from Jenin. And Ben Yehuda Street? And Ben Yehuda Street? And Ben Yehuda Street? Jerusalem, Netanya, Afula,Tel Aviv, Hadera, Haifa..... Where was Mr Larsen's sense of disgust when 469 people perished at the hands of homicidal zealots who were armed and loaded with their deadly backpacks in Jenin? We will never know because it never interested him enough to visit a single site of devastation.

Where were Mr Larsen's sensitivities when three Israeli boys were kidnapped to Lebanon, an event videoed by the UN troops, then ignored by that organisation for a whole year. Mr Larsen was aware of those tapes, hid those tapes then claimed it was all the fault of Kofi Annan. Ask Edna and Haim Avraham if Mr Larsen was sensitive enough to ask for the release of their son, now assumed dead. Ask Kinneret if Mr Larsen has been to visit her as she lies in hospital fighting for her life, her entire body burnt by a Jenin residents' homicidal attack.

Human Rights? The United Nations ignores the smell of Jewish death, only Palestinian deaths reach their noses and sensitivities.

I have recorded faithfully the dishonest brokering of the UN over the past eighteen months. It is a biased, unbalanced organisation. It is time to disband the United Nations, it was done in the past when the League of Nations became irrelevant, and reform it under humanitarian representation of democratic countries.

Talking of democratic countries, Zvi and I went to the Independence day ceremony on Mount Herzl, Jerusalem. The ceremony expresses the passing from a day of mourning for those lost in fighting since the inception of the Jewish State to the joy of achieving that independence.

The night was a celebration of youth. This year twelve young people lit twelve torches, each flame representing one the twelve tribes of Israel. Young people who have given of themselves to help others achieve their dreams. Sabras, immigrants, Bedouins and Druse, all proudly saying who they are, their achievements and their pride in being Israeli.

The only guns seen were on the shoulders of the honour parade at the passing of the standard from the navy to the home guard. No mention of war, only of hope, peace and a future filled with achievement.

Friends, my next statement is going to amaze you considering my previously aired views on Mr Avrum Burg - the Speaker of the Knesset spoke beautifully at the Independence Day ceremony. He spoke about the bravery of our youth, the strength of our belief and the longing for the distant sight of a productive future at peace with our neighbours.

From his lips to G-d's ears.

Shabbat Shalom dear friends.



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