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Haifa Bus Bomb
Last uploaded : Wednesday 10th Apr 2002 at 10:44
Contributed by : Sheila Raviv


10th April, 2002

It takes 3 weeks to prepare a suicide bomber for his gruesome task. Never,ever think that they are in retribution for anything. Each and every one of these terror attacks has only one pupose, to terrorise the Jews and make them flee
their land, again.

This prologue precedes yet another sad announcement.

A Palestinian terrorist got onto the Jerusalem bus at the Checkpoint stop in Haifa. Soon after sitting himself down he exploded himself killing those near him in the crowded early-morning bus. His dastardly act was less successful
than originally thought because the explosion went upward, tearing the roof and
front of the bus into knives of metal. The driver excaped with moderate wounds.This part of Haifa is known as the check-point after the British
check-point that was on this site during the Mandate. Check points are not an
Israeli invention.

At least 8 dead, 15 wounded, several of whom are in critical condition.

If I hear one more reporter compare Jenin to Sabra and Shatilla I will sue them,
personally. The murders in Sabra and Shatilla were carried out by the Lebanese
Christians who were so angered by the ruination of their country and their faith
by Arafat's thugs. Ariel Sharon was not the Prime Minister then or when Arafat
went back on the incredibly generous Israeli offer and started killing us with
relish. Jenin is the bomb making centre of a corrupt terrorist called Yasser Arafat. Yasser Arafat who brought Lebanon to its knees, caused Sabra and Shatilla and now caused us to enter Jenin.

I am tired of the way the press "mezalzel", disparage, the reports of a democratic leader in favour of a despot. We are dying at the hands of a despot, his thugs are holding priests and nuns hostage in one of Christianity's holiest places, the Vatican issues a statement backing the Israeli stance and the press ignores it! The world has forgotten the reason for the existence of this State.

They misinterpret the words of Lord Caradon in UN 242 "to secure and
defensible borders".


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