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Pray for Kinneret
Last uploaded : Tuesday 9th Apr 2002 at 00:54
Contributed by : Sheila Raviv


Monday, 8th April 2002

This evening we drove to Tel Aviv to see Yaffa and Moshe, and to find out how their daughter Kinneret is. Nine days ago, Kinneret was working as a waitress in a popular coffee shop in Tel Aviv. "My Coffee Shop" right at the point
where Nahalat Binyamin, Allenby Street and Carmel Market meet.

As Kinneret was serving a customer a Palestinian suicide bomber walked in and exploded himself next to her. The bomb strapped to his body contained a highly inflammable fluid which spread across the floor, setting light to anyone in
its path. Kinneret was in its path.

This student of alternative medicine lies in the intensive care unit of Ichilov Hospital in Tel Aviv with second and third degree burns all over her body.

She is heavily sedated and her lung function is very erratic so she is also connected to
a breathing machine. Her mother has found a tiny unburned spot on her head where she can stroke her.

Her parents' are doing all they can to help their baby. Yesterday, at Yaffa's request Zvis son went to the Rabbanit (Rabbi's wife) Shoshana who has a
special healing amulet which he took to Kinneret, by lunchtime it had to be back in Jerusalem for another patient. I bought an amulet today which now hangs over her bed. Our friend Alan in Jerusalem placed a prayer note in the
Kotel,and organised prayers for Kinneret. Today a Rabbi came to see her and suggested that they add another name to hers, "Chaya" - life. PRAY FOR HER,PRAY FOR KINNERET. HER NAME IS KINNERET CHAYA BAT YAFFA - KINNERET CHAYA, DAUGHTER OF YAFFA. PRAY IN YOUR OWN WAY, PRAY IN YOUR OWN

As we drove back from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem we listened to the radio broadcast of the Memorial Ceremony at Yad Vashem. Six people who survived the Shoah, the Holocaust, lit six flames, memorial beacons to the six million who

Each one told a story of suffering, cruelty and of horror. Each had a story of lost youth, lost childhood, yet each of them came through with hope, with Tikva, because they rebuilt their lives in a land of their own, to Medinat Yisrael.

Today is Holocaust Remebrance Day, next week Remebrance Day for those who fell creating and defending this land is followed by the joy of Yom
Ha'atzma'ut, Independence Day. No more fear, we no longer need fear to stand up and be counted. What is happening today is a trial. This week, in what the newsmen call incursions, we caught the man who planned Kinneret's agony. As the fires burn in French synagogues we have to say stand proud and say Never again, never, ever, again. The Children of Israel have returned to their own land.


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