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'A Light to the Nations?' A Letter to Rabbi Rayner
Last uploaded : Sunday 24th Mar 2002 at 12:30
Contributed by : Ilana Rachel Lowe


I think this insight by Rabbi Rayner is one- eyed....he quotes the prophets in righteousness etc. but has forgotten that G-d has given the children of Israel the Land of Israel and commanded us never to give it away to
anyone... it is not ours to give as we are only the caretakers of the Land until the Messiah comes.

If we had not allowed these terrorists to come in
the first place we would not have the problems today. We are also commanded 'if our enemy comes to kill us then we must kill him first '!! We have to defend ourselves against these evil people or be killed...and because we
have 'gone the extra mile' ,upholding the Torah showing understanding and caring for our neighbours ,we have the problems of these murderers TODAY.

Maybe Rabbi Rayner should move to Israel to live and then see what he would
say !!

Ilana Rachel Lowe


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