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Response by a reader to 'The Guardian'
Last uploaded : Saturday 16th Mar 2002 at 01:48
Contributed by : C Karash


News Editor's Note:
The article, 'The Conspiracy of Silence' may be read at www.guardian.co.uk
To: The Guardian newspaper, London


Prof Shkirat writes as if no Israeli has ever died at the hands of her Arab/Palestinian neighbours since 1948; these number in the thousands.

Indeed, lest we forget the Hebron massacre of 1929. In this month of
March 2002 alone, 63 Israelis have been killed.

Except for Lebanon, the wars were started by Arab neighbours; everyone knows that Nasser was fulminating for months before the 1967 War to
annihilate Israel. What had the Jews ever done to Egypt? Israel won in 1967, but the world acts as if the pitifully tiny Jewish State was the
one who was fulminating.

In the long history of the western world, all nations who win wars against hostile neighbours duly annex the lands
that they won.

Prof Shkirat refers to Israeli 'war criminals.' The PLO was responsible for the dreadful, sadistic death of Leon Klinghoffer, of the Israeli Olympic athletes and various hijackings and bombings. Arafat continues to call for a million suicide bombers,and Sheikh Yassin demands the return of all of Palestine. There are many rogues in this scenario, not just Sharon and Company.

Israelis are as pained about the violence done to them as Prof Shkirat is pained about Palestine's losses, and as a sovereign nation duty bound to protect her citizens, the Jewish State cannot be expected to be passive.

When I was in Israel in 1995-6, the peace process was racing along but Hamas was sending suicide bombers all over Israel. Carnage was everywhere -- buses, shopping centres, parks. Rabin and Peres chose to turn the other cheek and not one shot was fired at the territories. The Israeli leaders pursued Oslo with the late King Hussein and Hosni Mubarak, but the Palestinian violence continued. What does Prof Shkirat expect Israel to do when they are killed whether they offer a full peace plan or wage war?

Yours faithfully,
C Karash
London, England.


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