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Response to Jewish Comment's View on Jewish Courage
Last uploaded : Sunday 10th Feb 2002 at 23:23
Contributed by : Jon Berger, LB



I have known for years that the UK is anti-Semitic. Hello..?

I was born and brought up there, live there most of my life, but by the age of 40, I had finally had enough. I lived for 3 years in Chicago (Highland Park, very Jewish area - loved it - didn't feel threatened) and now in Ireland. I find Ireland somewhat better than the UK (but by no means perfect), and I don't think I could ever live in the UK again. In fact, I think that the only places I could ever live in now are the US, Ireland or Israel.

What amazes me is the sheer resilience, subtlety and power of anti-Semitism. In the UK, there are sophisticated anti-racist laws and an official culture of racial tolerance. But hey, in reality, these do not apply to Jews! Jews are troublemakers (sic), and if they complain about discrimination, well, they are just up to their usual trick of troublemaking.

If I were you, I would stop going to dinner parties with goyim (or trying to reason with Jew-hating Jews, for that matter)...You won't get anywhere: in my humble opinion, you're just banging your head against the proverbial brick wall.

Best regards,

Jonnie Berger

Ennis Co. Clare, Ireland


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