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Jewish Comment Responds to Christopher Hitchens
Last uploaded : Tuesday 29th Jan 2002 at 00:54
Contributed by : Carol Gould


Letters to the Editor,
The Evening Standard. 28th January 2002


With the ignorance of five thousand years of Jewish history that has come to typify British commentary on Israel, Christopher Hitchens (‘Bush has gone soft on Sharon’ 28 January) declares that Ariel Sharon ‘thinks that the West Bank was given to the Zionist movement by no less a person than God himself.’ The West Bank was captured by Israel, after much bloodshed and loss of life, in the 1967 Six Day War when she faced annihilation by her Arab neighbours. Mr Hitchens’ sneering, insensitive comments about God and Jewish aspirations are insulting to anyone with any regard for the Torah, the Hebrew Bible.

Not a day goes by without a page-high condemnation of Israel in a British newspaper. Is it not time our journalists started complaining about governments ‘going soft’ on the extremists we are breeding within our own shores who want not just to destroy Israel but to wage Holy War on Britain and the entire western world?

Yours faithfully,

(Miss) Carol Gould


Jewish Comment readers may read the article by Christopher Hitchens by going to The Evening Standard website, also identified in some search engines as 'This is London.'


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