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The significance of the Chelsea-Abramovich Victory
Last uploaded : Sunday 20th May 2012 at 10:50
Contributed by : Howard Sherrington


To the editor :

The Lord works in mysterious ways His wonders to perform”. The Chelsea fans must be thanking G-d for the success of their team in Munich to win the European Champions League Cup. Why would G-d intervene in a football match, you may well ask.? This was no ordinary football match. Chelsea is a London team where soon the Olympic Games are to be held. Munich is where the Olympic Games in 1972 were held, almost exactly 40 years ago. Then 11 Israeli Olympic athletes were murdered by Arab terrorists. G-d has organised matters so that in the Olympic year a Jewish owned London team would be victorious in Munich, the city of Arab treachery, and the birthplace of Nazism. When a victory is against the run of play and against the odds, He has intervened to demonstrate that He is in charge. I hope Roman Abramovitch will recognise this and devote some of his £billions to supporting Israel as well as Chelsea.

Howard Sherrington


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