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Palestinian Aid Money - the Facts
Last uploaded : Tuesday 27th Jan 2009 at 23:47
Contributed by : Howard Sherrington


The BBC were right to refuse the Advert for GAZA Aid

26 January 2009

The BBC were right to refuse to show on TV the AID for GAZA advert, because the BBC with its research capability knows better than most other organisations that it would be defrauding the British public of their hard earned money by sending it to GAZA.

According to the World Bank report by the end of 2005, the Palestinians had received $4 billion since the Oslo Accord of 1993, which translates into $1,330 per Palestinian. In 2000, West Bank and Gaza (WBG) received $636 million in aid or $214 for each of the three million WBG residents. That is the highest in the world by far. Only Bosnia, at $185, is close. The Palestinian Authority reported that in the first 18 months of the Intifada, Arab countries provided $677 million in aid. Donor funding was “only” $482 million in 1999 before the violence began; it ballooned to $929 million in 2001.

It is instructive to compare Palestinian incomes to those of other Arabs. In 2000, income per Palestinian was $1,660. That was higher than Algeria ($1,580) or Egypt ($1,490). What good has all this money done towards Peace? If anything it has fuelled the supply of weapons and the resulting war.

Donating more money into GAZA is pouring money down the drain and the British public should be protected from this, and we should be grateful to the BBC for protecting us.

Howard D Sherrington Ll.B, FCA

Manchester UK


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