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The London Peace Rally
Last uploaded : Wednesday 12th Oct 2005 at 02:08
Contributed by : Isobel Hatfield



Two weeks ago I was invited by my friend Carol to attend my first Peace Rally.

It was held in Hyde Park, whilst a similar rally was taking place in Washington U.S.A. 'Peace Rally' for me conjures up images of certain members of society airing their grievances about war in an organised, peace-inspiring manner: making speeches, displaying banners and distributing leaflets. This rally, however, shocked me by the anger and aggression in evidence. It made me aware of world divisions over politics and religion.

It was predominately a pro-Muslim Rally. Anti-War, Bush, Blair and Israel banners were everywhere. The crowd was large, mainly Muslim, including Palestine Liberation Activists and Ban-the-Bomb compaigners. It was very 'anti-West'.

The Rally was organised and hosted by the 'Stop the War Coalition U.K.' The Speakers included Tony Benn MP, a leading Iraqi journalist, English and American Political Journalists (anti-Israel) and close relatives of the poor Brazilian Jean Charles de Menezes, who was mistakenly killed by the Metropolitan Police Terror Squad after the London Bombings.

The overriding message was clear: Britain and the U.S.A. should not have gone to war in Iraq; Israel should not occupy Arab Territories; the West is to blame for Arab Extremism and George W. Bush is 'The World's No. 1 Terrorist'. In other words, Western Oppression is the cause of Arab Terrorism.

It was suggested by someone present that he had 'proof' on a video that President Bush personally organised the terrible events of 9/11. (He did not go into details).

There was a lot of shouting and fist-waving by the speakers, and noticeably no-one suggested sitting round the negotiating table with world leaders to find a peaceful solution.

Fanaticism is obviously not the way to achieve peace and must be controlled. Acceptable living conditions and self-rule are the goals but moderate, respected leaders must first be found who can govern firmly.

I believe we should continue to overthrow the world's tyrants and that democracy and decency should reign supreme. Maybe Divine Intervention is needed to achieve this, as we humans have lost our way.

The Guru Maharishi-Mahesh-Yogi said recently that the World is at the bottom of an abyss and that it would take fifteen to twenty years to start to bring about World peace.

May God help us all.


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