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When Moslem and Jew Give the Gift of Life
Last uploaded : Friday 1st Oct 2004 at 18:49
Contributed by : Sheila Raviv


1st October 2004
Sderot is a medium sized town in the southern part of Israel, well within the green line. For two years now rockets have been falling willy-nilly on the town, shot from the nearby Gaza strip. Two babies, cousins, Dorit and Yuval were playing happily in the shade of an olive tree when they were murdered by a rocket. These rockets are not aimed at anyone, they flung into the air in the hope that someone would die, well yesterday they did, two babies whose parents had spent two thousand years of exile and hard labour in Ethiopia, praying for their return to Eretz, Yisroel and Yerushalyim, coming to Israel to be murdered by the self same enemy.

The other side of the coin, the Israeli side, is shown in the example of little Mohammed, from East Jerusalem, brought up in freedom and democracy in Israel. Tragically Mohammed was critically injured in a car accident. As he lay dying in Hadassah Hospital his parents made the decision to donate his organs. In Israel the doctors do not ask the religion of either donor or recipient, as the transplant surgeon said, when you hold an Moslem heart and Jewish heart side by side they are identical. Through the wonderful act of Mohammed's parents five childrens lives were saved.

Returning to the first side of the coin, but in another form the Moslem world has chosen to produce its own Cola drinks. Their reason is not financial, they do not want to be in fair competition like Pepsi, Qibbla-cola and Mecca-cola are providing yet another excuse to hate democracy and freedom. Moslem businessmen decided that Coca-cola represents all that they deem bad in the United States. They decided that Coca-cola represents a lascivious society which dares to claim equality for women and claims that each person on this earth is an individual within himself. Qibbla-cola is made in Britain and intends going to the Commonwealth market since the 2 million Moslems in the UK are a drop in the cola market of the world. They are also targetting the many million Moslems in Europe.

Succot (Tabernacles) are sprouting out all over!! The minute Yom Kippur is ended the hammering begins, often before food is tasted! Ready made or home made virtually every veranda sports a succah and friends visit each others. The sense of festivity is in the air. Jerusalem is also filled by Christian pilgrims, here for the Tabernacles festival. Gosh, we have so much in common!!

Finally, and most importantly, my wonderful daughter Rachel and her husband Igal, now live in Jerusalem. Rachel has made Aliya and I am fulfilled. I could not have prayed for more, except that my two other families will come too, but? I will be the proud grandmother to an Israeli grandchild.

I wish the readers joy and much Nachat from your family in the New Year, may you and they know only joy not sorrow
Shabbat Shalom


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