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Friendship Through Frequencies
Last uploaded : Tuesday 29th Jun 2004 at 18:26
Contributed by : Americans for Peace Now


Americans for Peace Now: Middle East Peace Report
Vol. 5, Issue 46
June 28, 2004

Last summer, a group of Israeli and Palestinian peace activists decided to launch a new version of the ?Voice of Peace,? the pirate radio
station beamed to Israel by Abie Nathan from a ship anchored ?somewhere in the Mediterranean? which hasn?t been heard for over a decade. The
latest incarnation of the station is designed to be a joint Israeli-Palestinian effort that focuses on current events and education
programs, together with talk shows on Israeli and Palestinian issues, with the aim of promoting peace and co-existence. Broadcasts in Hebrew, Arabic, and English are accompanied by music from the original ?Voice of Peace? shows. The new station has begun to broadcast, but it is not yet on the air. In an interview conducted last week with the Middle East
Peace Report, former Knesset Member and station organizer Mossi Raz said that the Israeli government has not given permission for the radio transmission equipment to be brought into Israel. Many attempts have been made to import the necessary hardware, but to no avail. The
Israeli government won?t provide a definitive answer as to whether permission will ever be granted?it simply tells the broadcasters to
wait. But not content to sit on their hands, the organizers have started to send out their programs via the Internet. Listeners can go

to hear the broadcasts. Perhaps Gilad Sharon?the most highly paid Internet surfer in Israel?can help his father find the station and put his mind at ease about co-existence programming. And should Gilad mention that the station wants to broadcast from a Greek island instead of Ramallah, it may help speed things along.
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