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The Israeli Air Strike on Syria
Last uploaded : Tuesday 7th Oct 2003 at 19:39
Contributed by : Sheila Raviv


Yom Kippur, the entire country falls into a silence, a peaceful place where no cars disturb the beautiful calm of the holiest day of the Jewish year. No television, no news, nothing disturbs the clean sense of a Holy Day.

When I went into my penitential prayers yesterday
evening I was under the impression that the Israeli air strike in Syria (wiping out a training camp for terrorists) was in keeping with world policy. The policy of the free world with the exception, of course, of those nations which support terror.

So there I was deep in prayer secure in the knowledge that for once we would not be censured, but rather applauded for saving the world!! My family has long told me that I should have been named Pollyanna for my
optimistic belief that others would always do the right thing when no-one does the right thing.

The United Nations has been asked to censure Israel, well what a shock!!! I wonder which countries thought that one up!!! The Syrian woman who was interviewed on CNN stated that this was a crime against the Palestinian people and started all the usual double-speak about Israeli terrorism by oppression of the Palestinians and about Sharon being the leader of
terror in the world... rhubarb, rhubarb, rhubarb!!!

She had the gall to say that the site of the camp was next to a village which is the only place in the world where the language of Jesus is still spoken, the place where civilization emanated. She is probably convinced that Jesus never walked in Jerusalem because Jews were
never in Jerusalem!!! So much doublespeak, so much inane propaganda which repeats and repeats without changing the theme or the wording. Not one of these "spokespersons" has had their family splattered all over the walls of a restaurant by an Islamic Jihad

What happened two days ago was self-defence. What
happened two days ago in Syria was exactly what
American and British troops have been doing for the last eight months, fighting terror, but with one major difference, the Allied troops are fighting thousands of miles from home, Israel's enemy is at our doorstep.

Please, if I were to ask one thing of you it would be that you have to remember that the propaganda has one intention, to induce hate of Israel, to cause the world to believe that the multitude of huge Arab nations are the underdog and tiny Israel, the size of Wales is the bully!!! Aw, c'mon! By stirring up
anti-American feeling and linking it to Israel these rogue nations hope to rouse the rest of the world against the greatest democratic symbol ever known and simultaneously dispose of the Jewish State, a thorn in the racial purity of this area.

Shana Tova. Be well, be kind and stay proud of who you are.


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