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Change the Schoolbooks and You Change the World
Last uploaded : Tuesday 6th May 2003 at 01:08
Contributed by : Sheila Raviv


I hate people who say "I told you so" but --- I did!!!

Colin Powell has been to visit the President of Syria, most certainly not a social visit. Among the "suggestions" made to President Assad are the closure of offices of terror organisations which, until now, have found
safe haven in his dictatorship and withdrawal of Syrian occupation of Lebanon.

The number of troops within Lebanon has increased enormously since Israeli withdrawal from the buffer zone and the mistreatment of Lebanese Christians has increased accordingly.

Undoubtedly there were far deeper talks held in camera.

I believe that the subject of Iraqi arms that were sent to Syria for safe-keeping (or for attack) about eight months ago was raised.

I believe that Syrian funding and encouragement of terror organisations worldwide was raised.

President Bush has gauged the political situation of the area with wisdom.

The speed of the Allied routing of the corrupt and cruel Iraqi leadership created deep concern in the Arab world. The downfall of Saddam's regime has given the Allies an excellent strategic alternative to the equally corrupt but, until now, strategically essential, Saudis. Saudi Arabia has financed the terror networks of the world. They do not get their hands dirty; they just use their oil money. Through his talks with Assad President Bush is
now in a position to neutralize the power of the Saudi Arabians, without opening a second war front.

I hear the first comments made by the Bush administration concerning Yassir Arafat. Do not be surprised if he is found a nice retirement home in downtown Basra or maybe they will send him home to Egypt!

From Israel's point of view, with the financial and political backers of terror attacks removed from the equation, Israel is in a position to make peace with her neighbours. In the past, the only way for a young Palestinian to ensure his family's social and financial standing was to blow himself to pieces, taking as many Jews with him as possible; now the Palestinians,
the Iraqis and the Syrians can achieve a secure future by teaching their children to build, not destroy.

Change the schoolbooks and you change the world.


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