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One Road Map for Saddam
Last uploaded : Tuesday 18th Mar 2003 at 19:33
Contributed by : Jack Engelhard


"A View of the Absurd:"

One Road Map For Saddam

Forty eight hours to get out of town. I like that. Pure Texas rawhide. For a while there, he had us worried. Even though Tough Guys Don't Dance, he was doing the European tango. Guess he had to. After all, he's not just the President of the United States. He's really the President of the World.

No "two-state solution" for Saddam. No "road map" for Saddam. No Oslo, no Quartet, and no "painful" territorial concessions for Saddam.

Saddam gets no part of the West, he won't be sharing Washington, D.C., and he doesn't get trusteeship over our historic landmarks.

Actually, there is a road map for Saddam. Follow these directions: straight out of town!

"The tyrant will soon be gone," said Our Guy, back in the saddle again.

Might be a lesson here for Sharon, even for Bush himself when he returns his attention to Israel...and...what the heck was that all about? A few days back, in the middle of nothing, suddenly...We interrupt Iraq to bring you Israel.

That's what it amounted to last week when President Bush took to the air from the Rose Garden to reaffirm his commitment for an Israel and "Palestine" that "will live side by side in peace and security." As quick as you could say, yeah, right, here's Tony Blair reading from the same script.

Nothing from Blair or Bush about living side by side "in peace and security" with Saddam or Osama.

How is Israel's war different from America's war...and how is Yasser different from other tyrants? One difference, perhaps: Yasser and his thugs kill "only" Jews. But that's not true, either. The record shows that since "Arafat renounced violence in the Oslo Peace Accords, September 13, 1993, at least 38 Americans have been murdered by Palestinian terrorists."

That was some set-up, that made-for-TV production between Blair and Bush. The fix was in, obviously to gladden the Chirac/Shroeder "Axis of Israel Next."

Or rather, "You give us Israel. We'll give you Iraq."

President Bush was big when he spoke his own words on Saddam. He was small when, earlier, in that Rose Garden Israel "infomercial," he spoke like a puppet, mouthing words on Israel and "Palestine" that could have been written by French Foreign Minister Dominique de Villepin, who seems never to have a bad hair day.

The "Axis of Israel Next" really consists of France, Germany, and England. Mostly England, at the moment, whose Jack Straw repeatedly talks about his wonderful conversations with Chairman, or President, Arafat. Is there something wrong with this picture? Here's some typical language from Blair, Straw and Company...

We are so pleased that PRESIDENT Yasser Arafat is appointing a PRIME MINISTER who is to be approved by the Palestinian LEGISLATURE.

You mean all this time there's been ANOTHER government operating inside Israel? Doing business passing laws, drafting "constitutions," meeting foreign heads of state...

Guess so, especially when even the President of the World expects "peace and security" from Murder, Inc. and its Mobster in Chief, Yasser Arafat.

Even the Prime Minister supports that two-state solution.

I mean the one named Ariel, not Abu.

Jack Engelhard is the author of the international bestseller "Indecent Proposal" and is a former radio and newspaper editor covering the Mideast and former American volunteer in the Israeli Defense Forces. His columns can be read online at
http://www.comteqcom.com/jackcolumn.php and he can be reached at JackEngelhard@ComteQcom.com.


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